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Due for release Friday 10th June

CDTS 234  ‘It’s all In The Game’  Larry Green
                  ‘Tenderley’  Gary Cole

Forthcoming Royal Mail price increases

Regarding the expected price increases to be introduced by Royal Mail at the end of April 2015.

CDs:- No change to prices and postage will remain at 50p per disc.

Books:- These prices are unchanged but postage will be excluded. Please add £1.25 per book to orders.

‘Script Aids’ price £3.00 + 55p postage.

Inventive Dance Programme 2015:- See below

The Inventive Dance Calendar 2017

This year our diary of  inventive dance competitions will continue into its twenty-second year. We are pleased to receive orders at any time, but the publication date will not be until mid November (2016).

The basic price  this year will be £1.00 plus postage (55p), postage for multiple copies rates are shown above

SLIPPERINE Dance Floor Polish

Following an increase in price from our supplier we have had to raise our price accordingly, to £6.50 per 500gm drum + £2.85 P&P

Our ‘Script Aid’ booklet for 2015 is now available , price £.3.00  plus postage . For postage see scale above

Sequence Inventive Dance List

Our comprehensive list of winning dances will be  updated to include all the winning new dances from 2015 and is available now.

@ £8.50 plus £1.25 postage

Contact us

We intend to be available for you to contact us at any time. Write to us at our PO Box No.199, speak to us by telephone on 01943  430035, or leave a message on the answer machine or ring our mobile on 07884  445522.


All  payments by cheques only please, should be made payable to Churchfield Dance Services, for CDs  SLIPPERINE ,  Books , the Inventive Dance Calendar and Script Aids.                                                  Regards  Keith

e-mail ~ keith@churchfielddanceservices,com

Postage Rates for Inventive Dance Calendar
& Script Aids
No items    1st cl.                  2nd cl.
1                 64p                      55p
2                96p                      75p
up to 6      £1.27                   £1.20
up to 25    £3.35                   £2.85
up to 50    £5.50                   £2.85